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Advanced Wrestler Program

This program is best suited for wrestlers early in their career, and those who have moved out of the Jr Jay Beginner Program. This is where athletes begin to define themselves as a wrestler. 


Builds upon the skills learned during the athlete's time in the Jr Jay Beginner Program, which focuses on building technique and other foundational skills.  In the Advanced Program, the coaches will transition into more fast-paced drilling, higher levels of technique, and more live wrestling during the practices.


The athletes in the Jr Jay Advanced room will likely compete in local tournaments against other local wrestling clubs.  Our dedicated Jr Jay Advanced coaches instill the mental and physical toughness necessary to succeed in the world's oldest and most challenging sport.  Wrestlers are also introduced to the competition element of the sport as they begin to participate in local tournaments.  As they begin to advance their skills and crave tougher competition, they will be evaluated for placement into the Ubasa Trained room.  This advancement process is solely used for young athletes working through the Jr Jay Program

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