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Beginner Wrestling Program

The growth of the novice wrestler is dependent upon the triangle of equal involvement and communication between the wrestler, the parent, and the coach.  The system is only as strong as the combined efforts and collaboration of the three key players.


The Jr Jay Beginner Program allows first and second-year wrestlers of all ages to attain a winning attitude, develop technique, and build strength and other essential skills for success.  The Beginner program focuses on the learning and fun that jump-starts the youth’s desire to enjoy wrestling.  This program focuses on the fun of the sport with no need to compete at any tournaments.  Show up, have FUN, and learn about the great sport of Wrestling. As skills are mastered, wrestlers have the opportunity to advance to the Jr Jay Advanced Program and learn more advanced technique.

Wrestlers who complete the Jr Jay Beginner Program enter the more advanced, competitive rooms better prepared, well-versed in wrestling vernacular, and most importantly, with a strong foundation of skills and technique upon which they can continue to develop.  These athletes have proven to be more confident and successful in the sport at all levels.

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