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In-Season Practice

In-season practice consists of longer wrestling workout sessions as well as move instruction based on scouting reports regarding upcoming opponents.  When the preseason is over the practices will move into competition readiness.  These practices will consist of more drilling, more wrestling, and will continue to push the intensity level of each athlete.  Each week will focus on building from the previous week and take into consideration keys from matches at tournaments.


  • Conditioning warm-up exercises.  These exercises will stress total-body flexibility, strength, and endurance. Such training will help prevent injuries. 

  • Wrestling drill work. Passive to active drills involving skills and moves from all facets of wrestling are the priority during this phase of practice. 

  • Step-by-step analysis of wrestling moves.  In this phase, thorough demonstration of moves; then wrestlers drilling parts step by step.

  • Wrestling workout sessions.  Wrestling workout sessions will be much more intense during in-season practices when wrestler conditioning is at its peak.   No one is standing around while others are wrestling.  The wrestling workout sessions are the most important phase of in-season practices.

  • Conditioning finish exercises. These end-of-practice exercises will be snappy, with emphasis on strength and endurance skills. 

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